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Catalyst Strategic
Impact Advisors

Accelerating Change for Good

We meet you where you are and help you build on your successes through an approach that demonstrates deep appreciation for your organization’s history even as we engage an insightful, collaborative process to create positive, data-informed innovation. We don’t stop there. Together, we’ll go beyond the data to elevate inclusive impact and achieve systemic transformation.

Appreciative. Collaborative. Data-informed. Impact-focused.

Business Meeting


Local data collection, assessments, benchmarking and mapping yield the strong foundation needed to develop new strategies and innovative solutions that measurably help you reach your goals. Then we go beyond the numbers to provide insights to opportunities beneath the surface to get to what really matters to you and your stakeholders.

Strategy Development

CSIA helps you build on your successes and your strengths. Together, we implement a proven framework and rigorous design process that brings clarity to your objectives, key results, constraints and leverageable resources. We co-create with you, and trusted partners, inclusive placemaking, economic equity and inclusion, entrepreneurial ecosystem- building and workforce DEI and Belonging strategies.

Implementing Change Management: Engaging People, Improving Processes and Refining Policy

Your desired outcomes and key results are our highest priority. People, whether staff or stakeholders, are your greatest assets and change agents. Engaging them with empathy is essential. And we understand the often-overlooked links between policy, process, governance and program success. CSIA implements an agile, multi-media change-management process that helps you meet expectations and achieve a successful return on investment.

Impact Measurement

Measuring impact begins right at the start of your initiative. We guide you through a high-impact framework that is foundational to ensuring transparent and clear assessment to drive expectation management, sound decision making, resource allocation and your success.

Platform Development & Innovation

You need tools to sustain clarity of direction and clear, effective decision making. We support you in harnessing the power of leveraging technology to intentionally create, measure, monitor compliance and amplify culture change.

Keena M. Smith
Chief Executive Officer

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